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Austin Mini (modified)

Austin Mini (modified)

In the UK the Mini has been the most popular car to modify for the past 40 years. Its combination of cute looks, great handling and pure simplicity has put it in the top five of British people's most loved car, and its long production run from 1959 to 2000 proves this. During its time, many modified versions have come from the factory but it's the home tuners who have pushed the little car's limits the most. Because of this, a huge aftermarket has grown around the car. This roadster version is perhaps one of the most extreme both in looks and performance. Its roof has been cut off and the body reduced by 3 inches (76mm) in height, as well as being made into a two-seater. The car features a highly tuned engine which, due to the light weight of the car, can get it down the quarter-mile faster than most American muscle car models.

Austin Mini (modified) Specifications

Top speed:136 mph (218 km/h)
0-60 mph (0-95 km/h):5.4 sec
Engine type:In-line four
Displacement:85 ci (1,400 cc)
Transmission:4-speed manual
Max power:125 bhp (93 kW) @ 6,500 rpm
Max torque:95 lb ft (128 Nm) @ 4,000 rpm
Weight:1,300 lb (591 kg)
Economy:18 mpg (6.4 km/I)

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