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Audi S4

Audi S4

As Audi's 4WD cars developed, it became apparent they were shooting at a more performance-orientated market. The S4 was one of the most recent cars to harness all-wheel power and it was also one of their most powerful yet stress-free drives. It was basically an A4 sedan, but with the transverse engine removed and a longitudinal V6 mounted in its place. Audi concentrated on making low down power with the new motor, so gave it a small turbo per bank and thus made lag non-existent. It had over 250lb ft (338Nm) from 1,850 through to 3,600 where most street driving is done. Power was put down through a Torsen center differential and rear limited-slip differential. Double wishbones and fully independent suspension ensured the best cornering on the six-spoke 7.5x17 (203x431mm) alloys with 45-series tyres, while 10 -and 12-inch (254 and 305mm) vented and ABS-assisted discs stopped it very rapidly.

Audi S4 Specifications

Top speed:143 mph (230 km/h)
0-60 mph (0-95 km/h):5.9 sec
Engine type:V6
Displacement:163 ci (2,671 cc)
Transmission:6-speed manual
Max power:250 bhp (186 kW) @ 5,800 rpm
Max torque:258 lb ft (349 Nm) @ 1,850 rpm
Weight:3,593 lb (1,633 kg)
Economy:22 mpg (7.8 km/I)

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