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Audi RS2

Audi RS2

Most remember the RS2 so well that few can recall its predecessor, the 230bhp (172kW) S2 Avant which made the Audi 80 wagon into a very quick yet practical car. However, the RS2 took performance to a whole new level with much involvement from Porsche in its engineering. Starting with an Audi 80 wagon, Porsche tweaked the all strut suspension and added race-spec anti-roll bars and Bilstein shocks. The permanent four-wheel drive system used a central Torsen-type differential to ensure the best grip, and a six-speed close-ratio gearbox was fitted. Hie brakes were vented discs with four-pot callipers, all from Porsche's 968 model, while the 8xl7-inch (203x432mm) rims were straight off a 911. The five-cylinder was Audi, but Porsche added a larger intercooler on the KKK turbo (giving out 16psi boost), larger injectors, a 911 fuel pump, high-lift cams and a low-pressure exhaust.

Audi RS2 Specifications

Top speed:158 mph (253 km/h)
0-60 mph (0-95 km/h):4.8 sec
Engine type:In-line five
Displacement:136 ci (2,226 cc)
Transmission:6-speed manual
Max power:315 bhp (235 kW)@ 6,500 rpm
Max torque:302 lb ft (409 Nm) @ 3,000 rpm
Weight:3,510 lb (1,595 kg)
Economy:20 mpg (7.1 km/I)

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