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Audi Quattro SWB

Audi Quattro SWB

Highly regarded as the car of the 1980s, the cutting-edge Quattro turbo brought 4WD to the sportscar market in 1983. In 1981 the car had been homologated for rallying and it took fifth place that year, going on to win Audi its first constructor's rally championship in 1982. The Quattro dominated mid-1980s rally action, especially with this later short wheelbase 306bhp (228kW) 20-valve Sport Quattro. The road-going car was put together using many parts already in the Audi range, such as a 200 turbo front end, the Coupe floorpan and the rear differential from sister company VW. The combination of MacPherson strut suspension all-around plus four-wheel drive made it virtually impossible to unstick a Quattro on the road. The Sport Quattro used Kevlar and glass-fiber panels to reduce weight, while underneath it had Porsche brakes to cope with the extreme performance.

Audi Quattro SWB Specifications

Top speed:154 mph (246 km/h)
0-60 mph (0-95 km/h):5.0 sec
Engine type:In-line five
Displacement:130 ci (2,133 cc)
Transmission:5-speed manual
Max power:306 bhp (228 kW) @ 6,700 rpm
Max torque:258 lb ft (349 Nm) @ 3,700 rpm
Weight:2,867 lb (1,303 kg)
Economy:13.1 mpg (4.67 km/I)

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