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Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin's chief designer, William Towns, had yet another surprise in store with the 1976 Lagonda. Reviving a glorious name from the past, the new car was billed as a technical tour de force. Based on a stretched AM V8 chassis, the car had a complex digital dashboard and automatic locking. But its most talked about feature was its distinctive wedge-shaped styling. Never before had a four-door sedan been built with such striking lines, and there was no way you could mistake the Lagonda for anything else on the road. Early cars were appalling, with electrical glitches aplenty and, in some cases, the automatic locking trapping owners either inside or outside their vehicles. But the Lagonda had its fans, and that ensured a production run of 14 years, with the last cars being delivered to those who adored its appearance more than anything in 1990.

Aston Martin Lagonda Specifications

Top speed:144 mph (231 km/h)
0-60 mph (0-95 km/h):8.8 sec
Engine type:V8
Displacement:325 ci (5,340 cc)
Transmission:3-speed auto
Max power:325 bhp (242 kW) at 5,600 rpm
Max torque:375 lb ft (509 Nm) at 4,500 rpm
Weight:4,630 lb (2,083 kg)
Economy:14 mpg (5.0 km/I)

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