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AMC Rebel Machine (1970)

AMC Rebel Machine (1970)

AMC were small compared to the big three muscle-car producers in 1970. They'd released the patriotic-colored SC Rambler in conjunction with Hurst in 1969 which packed 315bhp (235kW) for 14-second quarter-miles, but only 1,512 were made. In 1970 the SC/Rambler replaced it, but again it only lasted for a year and just 2,326 were made. The Rambler was a good muscle car, and AMC stuffed their largest engine into the new mid-sized saloon. It was a strong motor with a forged steel crank and it could spring the car to mid-14-second times on the quarter, through a Borg Warner Muncie gearbox. At the rear a 3.54:1 moderate gear was fitted, but AMC offered up to 5.00:1 acceleration gears and a Twin Grip limited-slip differential for racers. The Rambler had very stiff suspension, and grossly overpowered steering, which didn't help reviews and, hence, sales.

AMC Rebel Machine (1970) Specifications

Top speed:115 mph (184 km/h)
0-60 mph (0-96 km/h):6.4 sec
Engine type:V8
Displacement:390 ci (6,390 cc)
Transmission:4-speed manual
Max power:340 bhp (254 kW) @ 5,100 rpm
Max torque:430 lb ft (583 Nm) @ 3,600 rpm
Weight:3,650 lb (1,659 kg)
Economy:11 mpg (3.89 km/I)

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