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AM General Hummer

AM General Hummer

The High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle, otherwise known as the HMMWV or Humvee for short, started life in 1980 with tests in the Nevada desert after being designed just 11 months earlier. The American Army were so impressed they ordered 55,000 vehicles in 1983, but it wasn't until 1993, after the Gulf War where the Humvee starred, that the car was sold to the general public. It started public life with a gasoline small-block Chevy engine, but this was replaced in 1994 by GM's new 378ci (6.4-liter) turbo diesel V8 which gave out massive torque. The car was designed to be tough for military use, so weight was not an issue, hence there's a massive ladder-style chassis. Independent suspension is used with a lot of travel and huge ground clearance, while four-wheel drive was mandatory with a four-speed auto transmitting to a two-speed transfer case and center differential.

AM General Hummer Specifications

Top speed:87 mph (140 km/h)
0-60 mph (0-95 km/h):17.3 sec
Engine type:V8 diesel
Displacement:395 ci (6,472 cc)
Transmission:4-speed auto
Max power:195 bhp (145 kW) @ 3,400 rpm
Max torque:430 lb ft (582 Nm) @ 1,700 rpm
Weight:6,620 lb (3,009 kg)
Economy:10.7 mpg (4 km/I)

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