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Alfa Romeo SZ

Alfa Romeo SZ

The bulldog looks promised much, but the SZ, Alfa's foray into sportscar territory in 1989, was not as quick many expected. However, what it lacked in out-and-out performance, the car more than made up for in handling and grip once out on the road. This it achieved through the rear-mounted transmission, which distributed the weight perfectly. Based on the Alfa 75 Saloon, the SZ differed in that ii used a composite body bonded to a steel frame, therefore making the chassis very solid, stable and predictable. The all-aluminium V6 ran a single cam-per-bank for 210bhp (175kW), and gave a glorious multi-cylinder howl. Combined with the torsion bar front suspension and de Dion rear end, the on-the-limit cornering ability of the Alfa is how it's best remembered. With less than 1,000 produced, the SZ was a rare sight on the road, but part of the attraction of the car was its exclusivity.

Alfa Romeo SZ Specifications

Top speed:153 mph (245 km/h)
0-60 mph (0-95 km/h):7.2 sec
Engine type:V6
Displacement:180ci (2,959 cc)
Transmission:5-speed manual
Max power:210 bhp (157 kW) @ 6,200 rpm
Max torque:181 lb ft (245 Nm) @ 4,500 rpm
Weight:2,778 lb (1,263 kg)
Economy:20.8 mpg (7 km/I)

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